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We are driven by the fact that there are not enough skilled repair technicians available for every repair shop and service center to service their clients effectively and efficiently. Too many vehicle owners overpay for repairs and service that are not always necessary and live with their car, truck or RV not operating to its fullest potential. This results in reduced lifespan of the vehicle while causing an increased operation cost because of poor fuel efficiency, unnecessary wear and tear and so on. Many people just give up and buy a new car, costing them thousands of dollars more than if they had a technician that kept their car in great shape.

Because of this realization, we have invested significant time and money into continuing education and training by the most advanced experts in the auto repair industry. We have also invested in the most current advanced diagnostic equipment and tools to help us get to the exact problem as quickly and cost effectively as possible so that our clients are not left waiting while we try to guess at what the problem may be with their car. That is why we have emerged as the leading electrical system repair center in the Greater Fresno Area.

In addition to being the ‘go-to’ resource for local dealer service centers, we also handle the servicing for Clovis RV and RV Outlet. Finally, the following companies come to us for all of their fleet service and repair needs:

Gordon’s Rolling Doors
Commercial Tire
Limo For You
Valley Insulation
JH Sanders
Harbor Railroad Services
Our Owner and Master Technician is Phillip Gray and he has been the driving force behind our electrical system expertise and continued training. He has over 30 years experience in the vehicle service and repair world and has a passion for staying on the cutting edge of the industry and is not afraid of tackling a late model Mercedes, Jaguar or BMW and their advanced electrical systems.

Because of Phillip, we exist to free our clients from the headache of worrying about their car, truck or RV running properly and to be able to focus on the rest of their life by having their vehicle serve their needs as consistently and cost effectively as possible.

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