The Best Mechanic You’ve Ever Had!

Frequently Asked Questions

How on earth do you generate so much word of mouth business?

It really comes down to two things… First, we treat every client as if they were a member of our family. That means we only recommend repairs that we would do for our mothers. Second, we’re the single best trained crew on diagnosing difficult electrical and computer based problems. The Mercedes and Jaguar dealerships bring us their hardest to solve cases.

Do you provide towing?

We have a great relationship with a local towing company and can work out a deal with our towing partner to save you as much money as possible getting it to us. Just let us know you need help with towing when making your service reservation and we’ll follow up to work out the details for you.

Can you service high end cars?

Definitely! Our Master Technician and Owner, Phil Gray, has always owned high end vehicles, including Porsche’s and Mercedes. We have the factory specified diagnostic equipment and software, updating it every year as new releases come out. We also attend manufacturer training throughout the year, such as at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Can you give me a ride?

Sure thing. Whether it’s taking you back home, or to work, or the airport, we’ve got you covered. Please just let us know that you’ll need a ride when making your appointment so we can make sure our driver is ready when you need him.